Installing commercial carpet in condominium hallways, stairwells and other common areas is one of our many areas of expertise.  Each building and trustee board has their own unique objectives for their particular project.  We find that the main concerns are footfall noise in the hallways, premature wear of the carpet and of course the aesthetic qualities a new carpet can bring to the table.  Our most recent project took us through literally hundreds of carpet styles and color options.

Our clients building was a former school house in Cambridge Massachusetts that was redesigned in the 80’s.  The interior styling was modeled after the Memphis Group (  This postmodern style required very specific carpet colors, shapes and locations.  The shapes in the carpet themselves actually mirror the design of the ceiling.

Once we were able to nail down the particular carpet colors and styles we were able to address the next concern of footfall noise within the building.  Typically, carpet tile is not installed with padding.  In this particular case we used a custom carpet tile cushion that was glued to the floor and then the carpet tile was glued to the padding with pressure sensitive adhesive.  The usage of pressure sensitive adhesive allows us to remove and replace tiles in the future should they be damaged.