Project Management

Every project has its own unique set of challenges.  We will be there every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.

Our job starts with evaluating your needs and help to advise in the correct product selection for your space.  The culmination of that process is the actual installation of those materials.  As the installation process is the most complex and of course disruptive part of the process it’s important to have a hands on manager for your project.  We work tirelessly to ensure you the minimum possible amount of disruption.

Key to this process is coordinating material delivers, parking, insurance certificates, working with building management, ensuring proper ventilation, furniture moving, waste disposal, installation techniques, providing notice to owners and tenants, and of course much more depending on the needs for a particular project.

Our attention to detail in this final phase of a project is often overlooked during the initial specification and quoting phases but is absolutely vital to your satisfaction.  Our reputation is our brand and we do not under any circumstances cut corners or make sacrifices that could compromise the outcome of a project.