Retail Space & Restaurants

Reduce maintenance time and project the image that your space demands with the right carpet or floor selection.

When operating a restaurant or retail space your curb appeal might means the difference between gaining or loosing a potential customer.  That being said, a product that might look right for your space on day one won’t necessarily look that way after a year of foot traffic.  Equally as important to the appearance is the durability and ease of maintenance for your new carpet or flooring.

A manufacturer will always say their product is the best and can meet your needs.  That of course is not the case, its of the utmost importance that you work with an independent and objective company in order to be sure that you are getting the absolute best product and installation technique for your particular circumstances.  We consistently monitor the performance of products we’ve installed and leverage our contacts in the industry to have a gauge of what products work best under particular traffic conditions.   We will of course use that knowledge and experience to help improve your curb appeal and make sure it lasts.