Condominium Common Area Planning

Are you replacing your common area carpet or flooring for the first time in 10-20 Years?  We do it every day, let us help advise you on the best solution for the next 10-20 years.

Periodic upgrading of the carpeting and flooring in the common areas of any size condominium building is an often overlooked but imperative step in appropriately maintaining a property.  Years of wear and tear degrade the carpet and flooring creating a tired and often dirty atmosphere.  New carpeting and flooring helps to promote overall cleanliness and create a warm inviting environment for unit owners and guests.

As with any property upgrade, the new carpet or flooring will improve home owner property values and allow owners to charge more for rental units.  Product and design options are constantly being improved upon to reflect current market preferences and new technologies.   As an expert in the refitting of common areas we can help work directly with board members to advise on the best product options and installation styles for your space.

On large projects, such as common area replacements, it’s important to work with someone that is familiar with all available products, styles, and installation techniques in order to ensure the maximum life for your new carpet or flooring.